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Is your business experiencing tough times and you don’t know how to turn things around. Perhaps changes in the business environment have resulted in a sudden and drastic downturn in sales? It could be that bad debts are strangling your business to the point where you are finding it hard to pay the bills! It could be that management have taken their eye off the ball recently and the company has seen competitors stealing a march in the industry!  There are a range of reasons why a company may find itself in difficulty. The important thing to realize that help is out there and Akanya Tharabololo have the experience and expertise to turn the situation around.

Akanya Tharabololo offers businesses in difficulty a strategic and financial path to recovery in today’s fast changing business environment. Our ethos is based on the belief that a business in financial or structural difficulty can be saved long before becoming insolvent. Early identification of problems can facilitate the development of effective measures to turnaround business performance. Our team has many years of experience of working with Senior Executives and Business Owners in assessing and reviewing the strategic direction of their business.

Our Business Turnaround Team can assist your organisation to improve financial and managerial performance and devise a strategic plan and direction. In conjunction with your team, we’ll work to return the business to profitable trading and a healthy cash flow position. This will ensure the survival and further well being of the business. Having devised the business turnaround plan, our team will continue to help you implement necessary changes and assess the effectiveness of these changes.

What is your biggest challenge in business?

What is your biggest challenge in business?

  Quality of product   Cash Flow Management   Lack of information from systems   Wrong people / lack of trained personnel   Sales pipeline insufficient / lack of orders   Late delivery   Competitor's pricing

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