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Selling a Business – You’ve worked hard, you deserve the best outcome 

Selling a business is a time consuming and challenging process. However, our team has experience in conducting successful disposals in the past. Our six step process ensures you get the best for your work in building up the business over time.

  1. Review of the business – we will review the business to ensure that the entity has been suitably “groomed” for a successful sale. We work closely with the management to maximise the consideration for the business.

  2. Identification of Potential Buyers – we will undertake market research to identify suitable suitors for the business through the many networks and specialist industry groups.

  3. Preparation of Sales Memorandum – we will co-ordinate the preparation of an information memorandum for circularisation to potential buyers. The information memorandum will set out details relating to the business and highlight the potential for the business in the future.

  4. Project Management – we will co-ordinate the activities of all advisers to ensure that the process is progressing to the client’s benefit.

  5. Offers – We will solicit offers for the business and evaluate the offers on behalf of the client. We will undertake to negotiate the deal on behalf of the client in order to achieve the most beneficial conclusion for the client.

  6. Heads of Agreement – We will negotiate heads of agreement with the preferred purchaser and oversee the final legal agreements to the deal.

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