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Company Valuations – Putting a Price on What Your Business is Worth 

Company valuations, especially of shares in private companies, can be quite complex. They require not only strong technical accounting skills but also experience, commercial awareness and judgment. They need a broad knowledge of finance and business, expert application of recognised valuation methodologies, a professional approach and integrity. Akanya Tharabololo know how to value a company. Valuation is not a science, rather an art in which sound judgment, based on solid experience in the discipline, is of utmost importance.

At Akanya Tharabololo, our consultants provide that experience and expertise in the valuation process, and assess all the key factors involved including:

  • Future profitability and cash flow

  • Current financial position and historic performance

  • Management team

  • Economic and business circumstances of the particular industry and markets

  • Product life cycle and technology

  • Legislation, regulations and accounting standards (domestic and international)

Each valuation is different, and we tailor our company valuations service to meet your specific circumstances and requirements. These requirements will also determine the format and level of detail in our valuation report.

Contact Akanya Tharabololo today to see how we can assist you in valuing your company. Arrange a free consultation with us to talk through the specific aspects of your business and we will tailor a package to match your needs. You can phone us on +27 11 704 0473, email us at or alternatively you can fill out the form below.