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VAT Overview

If your company is operating a business in South Africa, selling a vatable product or service and you exceed the turnover thresholds  then you are obliged to register for VAT. It is a legal obligation to register if your turnover exceeds these thresholds.  If you go above these thresholds and do not register the Revenue Commissioners can register you themselves. Then they will charge you VAT on your sales on the basis that you should have been charging vat for the whole of the year that you first exceeded the threshold onwards. If as is often the case in a recession you fall below the thresholds then you can also deregister for vat.

VAT Return Services

Akanya Tharabololo provide a range of VAT compliance services to clients who engage regarding VAT returns including advice, best practice procedures and compiling/submitting VAT forms on behalf of clients to revenue. These VAT forms are payable every two months or monthly and usually by the 25th of the designated month. We can also process a VAT refund on a clients behalf in situations where the VAT paid on purchases is greater than the VAT received from sales. Akanya Tharabololo also provide advice on a range of vat problems including refunds in respect of purchase of commercial motor vehicles or any large business related purchase.

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